Karen S. - Seattle WA

“After seeing our son struggle to learn how to read in both the first and second grade we decided to hire a reading specialist. After many phone calls and interviews with specialists, we decided to hire Judy. We were impressed with her education credentials and her many years of working with children. We are so thankful that we hired Judy. She was professional, personable and flexible in working with both the needs of our son and our family schedule. Judy figured out that our son is a kinesthetic learner and supported that learning style in her tutoring. By allowing our son to bounce on a trampoline while simultaneously spelling words (verbally), he was able to better focus and increase his spelling accuracy. She advocated for him to have accommodations for movement in his classroom at school as well (he was provided a squishy seat to place on his chair). He scored above the 4th grade standard on the reading portion of the WASL last year and is continuing to be a successful reader and overall learner in the 5th grade. Thank you Judy!”

Janet B. - Edmonds, WA

“Our daughter has always struggled with her school work.  Her ADD added such difficulties with organization and time management.  Years of tutors and counselors had caused a huge conflict between her parents and herself over school that by high school she was just getting by.  We did research on outside help for her and Judy came well recommended.  Judy showed our daughter how to set up her schedule and follow it, how to break down large over whelming tasks into smaller easier to handle ones.  She explained that she was a good student and with the proper tools she could succeed at school and life.  Judy established a positive relationship with our daughter, someone she could discuss school issues and personal issues with and how they were related.  Our daughter uses the tools and skills that Judy taught her as she has moved into her college years.  We are grateful for Judy, the power struggle of school that she took on made the last few years of high school more enjoyable as we had Judy involved with school work.”